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Yes, poetry can encourage spiritual refinement; spark intelligent, intuitive dialogues of compassion, mutual respect and peace; and help redress social injustice.

You can, too.

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UniVerse of Poetry is an online archive, interactive forum, and celebration of international poetry encouraging universal dialogue, compassion and peace. UniVerse honors courageous, celebrated poets from every nation of the world, regardless of territory, also including oral traditionalists, poets writing in endangered languages and poets collaborating with music and film. "One Poem: The Next Generation" will soon introduce international young people's poetry.

UniVerse of Free Expression
UniVerse of Poetry initiates an unprecedented opportunity for international poets—many of whom are refugees—to be heard, read and studied. These poets often transcend hardship, isolation, and exile to write the enduring human story.

UniVerse of Poetry is dedicated to freedom of expression for everyone everywhere and the eternal dialogue of wisdom and prophetic sanity renewed daily by poets internationally.

UniVerse wishes to thank:
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Universal Patrons ($250+)
Susan Aurinko, India, France
Bhodi Arts, India
Lucia Blinn, Italy
BP America's Fabric of America program, United States
Chicago Public Radio, multiple nations
Tiphaine Chigot, France
John Dangora, Tibet
Phil & Joan Dittmann, Lithuania, Poland
Patricia Erens, multiple nations
Cynthia Erskine, England
Adèle Fammerée, Belgium, France, Bhutan
Linda Feldman, Israel, Palestine
Flatfile Galleries, India
Laurie Glenn, France
Gail Hajjar, Bhutan
Irving Harris Foundation, multiple nations
Carrie Ingrisano & Nicolau Santos, Brazil
Tom & Mary Ellen Jackson, Norway
Bart Lazar, Israel, United States
Martin Mazzanti, Italy
Francine Nevers, Italy
Mike Puican, Peru
Ragamuffin Jewelry, Mexico
James Reiss, United States
Lois Remeikis, Bhutan
Deborah Rosen, Chile, Israel
Marsha Sabourin, Russia
Victor Sanders & Sarah Calamaro, Argentina
Dr. Marianne Schaffer, women poets of the Middle East
Seyfarth & Shaw LLP, multiple nations
Diana Twyman, Saudi Arabia
Judith Valente & Charles Reynard, United States
James & Cynthia Webster, Ireland
Whole Foods Market, multiple nations
WBEZ - Chicago Public Radio Blue Flower Arts
Blue Flower Arts
United Nations S.R.C. Society of Writers
Chicago Amplified Chicago Publishers Gallery at the Cultural Center of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs
Illinois Humanities Council
Flatfile Galleries Northwestern University Press
DePaul Humanities Center
Chicag Sister Cities Rattapallax Press
TWiN Poetry
Pont des Arts Ensemble Edizioni & Festival Torino Poesia
Affrilachian Poets Northwestern University Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Bodhi Art  

BP Fabric of America Seyfarth Shaw
The Irving B. Harris Foundation Whole Foods Market
Suntory ZEN Green Tea Liqueur Be.ology

UniVerse is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

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